Saturday, January 19, 2013


Something about the new year that makes me hate the old and desperately devour change. There's the ever endearing new year weight loss, the I'm so going to eat right this year, and then I fall back to my bad habits. Like a champ. The bad habits of over eating, and no exercise talk back to my new eating and new weight loss.

So. What wins it for you ? How do you champion yourself over the hurdles of the evils that lie within. These are not just with physical things. It's more emotional for me. My body is frozen in stress. My stomach is always empty, food fills holes that nothing else seems to fill. These are the habits that need breaking. They are unwelcome. I am capable. I am ready. And so, one day at a time, and sometimes calorie by calorie - I begin yet another journey to make changes. Changes for me. For my life. For my future.

Future with these. Future of grace and love.

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