Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Prayer is Like that...

"Prayer is like that she whispered
Sometimes it can take days, months, years
and then sometimes when I get really quiet
I can see, hear and feel the answer all at the same time."

by Kristin Jongen

This has been an interesting time in my life. Working and carrying a growing child in my belly, makes for busy days. Its such a miracle to feel that first flutter, and now at 30 weeks feeling thumps and bumps, flips and turns. There are times that I still have to remind myself a baby boy is growing inside of me. My new phase in life has pushed me and pulled me more towards prayer. Often feeling like my prayers are being heard, but not always seeing the answers. I have learned in the past that the answers aren't always what we want, but they are still answers. Recently I've learned that the joy I feel is an answer to all my prayers. A healthy baby, a loving husband, family support, and the ability to spread joy and peace in my work place.

I read this quote during one of my many trips to the bathroom at a friend's house for book club. I love to see, hear and feel the answer to my prayers all at the same time.