Monday, August 15, 2011

Let's be positive

I realized after my last post that I have been bogged down with the negative. So I wanted to make note a few positives about my life, or at least try to.

...  my husband and I have been married for 6 years now. I can't believe that 6 years have gone by. Sometimes it doesn't feel that long, but when I look at my 2 kids and I'm 30 not 24, I realize 6 is right. I'm so proud and thankful for us. Its always nice to know that you made the right decision, especially about the BIGGEST decision you'll ever make. What have I learned about marriage... divorce doesn't exist in my relationship. Its not uttered, not in a fight, not in a joke. Marriage is a choice to stay, simply stay. Every day through as much communication as possible, we choose to stay and actively participate in our friendship, and parentship. Parenting has been a very interesting addition to our lives. Now that Nate is 16 months, discipline is wide open. He is in. to. everything. I feel like we are watching him like a hawk to keep him safe from his curiosity and inventive behaviors. Our goal will be to teach our babies how to make good choices... even if it kills us.

... before I had Nathaniel, I wanted to run a 5k. It never happened. And now its back on the horizon. There is one in November, and when I find out what these next few months will look like work-wise then I'll be able to sign up. But I'm starting my training this week!  There is a program in Concord, NC called from the couch to the 5k... that is totally me. From preggo to runno!

... hate to admit this, but we have a keurig coffee maker. Holy embarrassing, but I think we waste less coffee. My husband actually drinks it, its a fresh, hot cup of coffee whenever I'm ready to make it, without having to make an entire pot. Downside- iced isn't very good. Major upside- I finally found some dark roasts that I love.  Don't worry, I still love starbucks... especially a iced americano no water, extra ice... venti cup.

... nola still smells like that sweet baby smell. I wish we could bottle it. She is more beautiful every day. I'm thankful to be the momma of a sweet girl.

... nathaniel is calling me momma... and knows where the fruit snacks are. :) he makes me laugh, although he is very stubborn and getting very aggressive with his pinching! watch out!

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