Saturday, October 15, 2011


What would we do if we knew what other people really thought. Not just if they really like your new hair cut, or the dinner you cooked. This is probably when secrets are healthy. Protecting us from throwing all of our evil truths in each other's faces.

I used to think that working moms were bad. That they wanted time away from their little ones and that was a terrible thing. I find myself thinking sometimes, oh gosh, I am not like other working moms. This isn't what I really want, this isn't my dream. I'm different! It is SO terrible for me to just assume that other moms are terrible mothers because they work. I know that isn't true. I know that I am not a bad mom because I work. I guess some motivators could be negative and definitely have a negative effect on children, but once again that isn't everyone.

I know that I am wrong to have these thoughts... but sometimes I do. All of us have our faults and they don't have any thing to do with whether we work or not. I have my own issues in this area... I will just have to keep working on.

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