Sunday, October 16, 2011

Who are we now?

My marriage, like all of them I guess, has days where the lack of communication is abundant. Even about the smallest things. It can be so frustrating. After 6 years and 2 kids, although some things have gotten easier, I think we really have to work harder to be sure that we are both appreciated by the other partner. I was thinking about things that we could do together, that don't costs tons of money or require sharing lots of feelings (I'm sure he would be dissapointed to hear that). Places to go, things to see, that would allow us to spend time together not as mommy and daddy, but husband and wife, and more importantly friends.

So as I began thinking about this, I started to realize that we are really different people.

We don't like the same music.                                    
He likes racing, I like reading.
He is obsessed with his cell phone and internet, and it drives me insane.
I like to shop alone and he likes me to go with him.
He likes to do more than one thing at a time all the time or be asleep...which also drives me crazy!
I like pedicures, he doesn't.
We both like grilling out, bonfires and time with friends... but we're talking time with just the two of us...
Travelling can be stressful, and staying home can be easier, especially with two kids.

So... what do other couples do to spend time together that both people enjoy? I was thinking playing games or bowling... A trip to the beach.

There are so many things that we both have no desire to participate in that the other person likes. I used to go to the races before we had kids, but now I would rather be with them. I never went to the race for myself, I always went because I knew it meant so much to him.

We have our love for each other in common... now I just have to find more things

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