Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Back to Work

So I am back to work. Since, I resigned from my current school I am working out my 30 day notice. I have 13 days left. It hasn't been that bad though. I have been working with the teachers instead of the students, which has been fun- shockingly. Typically the adults are worse than the KIDS!  Let me rewind... Instead of putting me back in my original classroom, since I have been on maternity leave and they don't know me anyways. The sub has been left in the classroom and I have been working with the kindergartners. I have enjoyed working with a new teacher and sharing fun things that I have done in the past. I have been encouraging her and helping her rearrange things so that she can focus more on teaching. I didn't cry on my first day like I did last year. I am a little worried about continuing nursing Nola, because I always get nervous about my milk supply not being enough.

Nanny Update; This week we had a babysitter help us, who I found on www.care.com. We joined this site, and it was amazingly helpful. She has been amazing this week! Next week our permanent nanny comes, Jess and I am looking forward to her starting. Nathaniel has been a his regular silly self, and Nola has been eating, talking, and sleeping. This Thursday and Friday they will start with my mom for the first time, so please be praying for her to have a good few days. I think its a little harder when they are released from the house! I have no idea what happened to the nanny that I hired a few weeks ago... but we're thankful for my mom and Jess. And we are happily moving on.

Nathaniel's new vocab: My little boy is growing up! He has started saying so many words. New words are: Jesus, keys, three, book, ball to add to- bye bye, mama, dada, nana, papa, poo poo, hi, banana, all done, no no, out, eat, please, thank you,  oh wow, oh gosh, ewww. He also gives tons of kisses and hugs, he also points to his ears, teeth, eyes and nose. We are so proud of him!!! He is a smarty pants!

My younger sister is running her second triathlon this Sunday. She is amazing! I will be going to see this one, and I am very excited.

Those are just a few updates. More soon! Gotta get Nathaniel out of the tub!

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