Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Breathing Every Breath

My Dear Littles,
It has brought me so much joy to celebrate my holidays with you. The free time, where we get to eat all our meals together, we wake up and cheers my coffee to your milk. Attempting naps, and lots and lots of playing are the most amazing times for me. I realize I stop and breathe you in a lot through out the day. Especially Nola's milky baby scent.

This year Nathaniel, was your 2nd Christmas. You are talking so much at 20 months and getting into everything. Climbing out of your crib, calling me Mommy. Snapping candy cans off the tree JUST so you can eat them. Throwing horrific temper tantrums... while your dad and I look on and are learning what to do with you! In 4 months you will be 2. Seemingly impossible. I love you so much. Being a mom is the scariest, most stressful thing that I have ever done, but the hard parts are balanced out by being able to watch you discover life and the things that you love: like computers, cell phones, music, Nola, Nana, Papa, and your Daddy. You love books, especially tearing them up. :) You love talking and riding in the car with me. You are an excellent climber and quite the cutie.

Nola, my little miracle baby, when you were born I realized I was out numbered. There would always be 2 kids and 1 momma. But you are so precious, easy going, and loving ( I will be forever grateful if you stay this way when you are 13-18). Your sweet laughter and bright blue eyes are imprinted inside of me. I hope that I will always be able to see the best of me inside of you and Nathaniel. I pray that you will be the calm to his storm and he to you as you grow up together. I am thankful that when you were born there were three excited people here to love you. At 6 months, you are rolling and laughing. You say "da... da... da" and breathe your sweet breaths, like a cute tiny panting puppy.  You are independent, letting us lay you down to take your naps and you suck so peacefully on your long, pale pink fingers.

My babies, my littles. I never knew being a mommy, your mommy would rock my world so. And although you are so different, you are so alike. Crawford babies. I see you in each other. 2012 will bring us new memories, dreams, wishes, experiences together. Life of a working mom. Cherishing every single minute. Breathing in every breath.

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