Saturday, June 30, 2012

When We Open

I know many of you have read my Darkness post.  Thank you for reading.  Thank you to those to have thanked me... I just shared my heart, but we all know how super easy it is to do that. You, thanking me, and telling me what my post meant to you is amazing for my heart.  There is a sense of healing and pride that I wrote about a dark place and just let it all out there.  I have had to very recent conversations, one a friend and one my cousin.  Both of these shared that my little ol' words some how offered them peace and shared a bit of myself with them.  In turn, when I get to talk to them- they share about themselves--- this is how we build friendships!  How we know eachother's hearts even if we don't talk every day.  I am so thankful for both of these recent conversations. I have learned that when I open up, even when it sucks, the Lord might be using me.  Even if He is cleverly using me to help others in order for them to be used in my life... woa! so smart.

So eye opening- my cousin ( a gorgeous fellow redhead ) :)  says to me.  You are the strongest person I know, and for you to be going through that... This just hit me. I don't think of myself as such... of all the people that one would know my strength would stick out above the rest... but you know I give that to the Lord.  He allows me to be strong.  Here's what I said... sometimes I'm tired of being strong. 

Just let the kids feed themselves and change their own diapers- I'll just sit here and crawl under my covers. We wish we could just turn into couch potatoes, or millions of dollars would happily arrive in the mail. Its too hard to be strong.  I guess where I'm going with this is- when we open strength comes a little bit easier.  Thanks girls for sharing with me... words are my love language.  And these little smiles~

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