Tuesday, December 18, 2012

List of Thankfulness: Almost Christmas

I would be thankful for patience if I had any. It's almost Christmas, we are past the initial buzz and officially into the hustle and bustle/ waiting game. Some if us are more than ready, the rest if us are still shopping. Here's my list this week.

1. I am thankful for bath time. Although it is a splash fest, it breaks up the dinner , bedtime routine. Gets the kids interested and active to be sure they are sleepy.

2. Christmas cards, so you won't be getting any cards from us this year. At least not for Christmas, I love getting them. Seeing the creative family pictures and how everyone is growing. I love getting mail!

3. Life and breathe. The horrific tragedy that happened in Connecticut last Friday was just a normal elementary school. Teachers teaching students how to read, getting ready for a bathroom break, writing a story. They thought they were having a regular day. This wasn't us, but it could have been. We were having a normal day too. I am thankful my students were safe and we have life and breathe.

4. Glittery gold nail polish. I have never found a color I like. I don't usually wear it on my fingers. I found a great holiday color. Yay! I haven't gotten into the holiday spirit yet, so this is a start.

5. Fire pit. I love our patio, smartly surrounded by our deck. Gives us the freedom to have a fire put right outside our kitchen. We enjoyed watching the fire from inside during dinner and day outside after we put the kids to bed.

6. Routines help me focus on what's coming next. I am able to focus on getting though the day one section at a time. Field trips are fun, but when you get kids out of their routine they can't handle it. Adds to a hectic day.

7. This week is our nanny of two years last week. She is having her own baby. I am, selfishly so sad to see her go. I have come home while she was upstairs changing diapers. Cooing, laughing, and joyfully entertaining my kids. Just as they were her own. She has allowed me to have peace through my days. We love you Ca Ca.

8. My husband home, happy & helpful. My husband works very hard. Two jobs, and right now holiday hours in retail are insane. Tonight he was home and in a good mood! Playing with his kids and letting me pick on him! He even mopped, my least favorite chore.

9. Giving gifts brings me joy! I love shopping for other people and surprising the with things they will love! Gifts don't have to be huge or expensive, just sweet and thoughtful.

10. I know we are surrounded by dismay, tragedy, and straight up evil. Try to think about where you were a year ago, search for a place you used to be that you ate thankful you are not. Last year Nate was 18 months, Nola was nursing. Everything was overwhelming. I was emotional, drowning, barely getting by. All the while trying to be in the moment. This Christmas is still crazy, the hype is never what you think it will be, but Nola loves the lights, Nate has claimed the reindeer. I am impressed we even got the tree up. I am so blessed. I am so thankful. He is good, His mercies will endure forever.


Kim Tapp said...

You give me hope for next Christmas! Haha, this one isn't so bad, but this post does make me excited for next year when both kids are running around, playing with each other, etc. instead of the nursing baby & young toddler phase.

Kim Tapp said...
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