Saturday, December 22, 2012

Change of plans

I am a planner. I love having things to look forward to. Things to prepare for. As much as I like surprises, I like schedules, plans, and timeliness.

Mommy hood has created a whole new world of being spontaneous and flexible. Being a teacher is an insane balance of schedules, spontaneity, and saying the right thing at the right time. Even if something changes, plans have to be in place for those changes to occur smoothly.

Phone calls at certain times of night or morning always mean something's wrong, which is exactly what happened today. 6 am, my still sleeping husband stunned into the bathroom to hand me my phone.

... Sometimes we have to take care of our families by taking off of work.  I get that.  I have definetly learned how to be planned and flexible all at the same time.  AND Guess what else!?!  Just because things change doesn't mean I get to be in a bad mood all day, (yes, people do this). 

Over all I think, being a mom, and this stage of my life, and as I get older and more into this adult, real job world.  I need Jesus more... and I curse more.  There are just not enough passionate words in the dictionary sometimes...

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