Friday, August 9, 2013

Repurpose like a champ.

When I get started on a project that I know costs a lot of money in another world, I start to decide what I would want to spend my money on. In the case of my bedroom, it's the bedding. I don't want to paint my walls (eek too much work).  I found this bedding Echo Rio. 

So I start pacing my house to see what I can use in a different space, what can be changed with new pictures or spray paint. What frames can I take apart, repaint and frame something else.  So I have these vases that are ok. I tried to use painters tape to create a design.  I love spray paint!! I even spray painted a shelf before!! 

Here's the final product. Made me feel productive! I also spray painted those frames and will be finding fabric to frame soon!!  Here is a picture where I used fabric from ikea in my kitchen. 

Project master bedroom to be continued!! 

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