Monday, August 12, 2013

Just Today

The 1 week countdown has begun. Back to work for mommy. Lets not talk about it. I'd rather just focus on today. Today I woke up in my beautiful new bedspread next to my handsome man. The sound of Nate knocking in his door. Nola singing and chatting to herself. Sun shining through the blinds. Excited to run today and work more on the decorating of my room. Another great coupon at Hobby Lobby and morning spent at the splash pad. 

I see His blessings. They are new every morning. 

Choose to change your focus. Enter into to a new space. Create, welcome the light, the snuggles, the craziness of getting your pool stuff together for a memory created with your kids. Welcome    the light. 

It is well with my soul. Who cares about next Monday. This Monday is a gift.  

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