Saturday, September 14, 2013


It's not that weird to me to get older. (I know some of my friends just laughed because that's young to them) but my face may look young (always carded with some crazy comment from a cashier, people are dumbfounded I could be a mom of two kids, but its ok for teenagers) however my brain is intense and running miles-which I have always done. I feel like I'm growing into my brain, finally the right age for all my thinking. 

So 33 is good and still young. I love my 30s. They are finally settling... No newborns. (Yay!) No surprise pregnancies! (That's been taken care of. ) 

Consistency goes along way for me and the four of us. Life runs much smoothly with a schedule, routine, and lots of help. 

I'm thankful I am me. 33. Blue eyed redhead ( I know my hair is getting lighter but I can't say strawberry blond).

I have learned that people are not even close to as observant as I am (mostly) (my bestest girlfriend is, Hallelujah!!) and they will dissapoint. I will be let down. But my worth is not in others. It's not in my husband, or friends or my children. It is in The Lord, who moves mountains for me, who protects my family and restores us daily. He gives me strength to exercise after I taught all day. Strength to be a patient wife.  Love for two toddlers when they are at their best and worst. (Hello!!!)

My worth is His worth. 

33 oh, what will you bring? 

-a healthy new body with a smaller waist (it's not magic, but I'm working) (strong is the new skinny)

-a continued renewing of my marriage to my best friend ( thank goodness he handsome) 

-memories with my babes at such fun ages 

-friendships with women who I can learn from and inspire

-enjoying my parents and brother and sisters as much as possible ( last year was so hard and scary) 

Cheers. It's time for coffee and fall weather! 

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Amy Crawford said...

Well said courtney. You look great and happy birthday. Enjoy your youngness and embrace it. Xoxo