Sunday, January 5, 2014

Goal Setting Part 1


Oh my gosh. I'm really doing this. 

Holy Heavens.

Daddy had a meeting at work so he isn't here.  N & N are both sick and hopefully on the mend. But this means they are watching Bubbleguppies and playing trains all. by. themselves.  Although I'm tired, my coffee as kicked in and fingers crossed I can blog through this process.  Maybe you will be inspired to.  Happy Little Lovelies shared with me... and I'm passing on the GOODNESS to everyone who will listen.

Lara is a mom, wife, and small business owner.  She is busy, busy, busy.
She also.... loves Jesus. And she is talking about it.

She believes that we can look at what worked and what didn't work in 2013, and take it and use it to pursue a better 2014. Not just set a resolution and see how we don't do it.

Anyways... this is from her blog...  You might not have as much time as you think you have.  Don't keep what God has given you to yourself.

So... I'm in.  One step at a time. 
Pre Step 1:  How Are You?
I wasn't sure where to start with this question.... simple yet when people ask me this I have two reactions.  1- Protect them from the truth.  2- I vomit exactly what is in my head, and I don't care whether you can handle it or not.  So she gives a way out (kind of) start with 3 challenges and 3 things you are grateful for.
These are challenges that come to mind~
-creating and pursuing a Christian home, raising my children to where I'm allowing them avenues to pursue Christ and set a good example for them.
-finding time for me and not feeling guilty about it.
-date nights that are fun but also cultivate a deeper, stronger marriage
-encouraging my husband in his love language
-praying for my husband and marriage in a intentional way
-not always being the fixer
-not falling into gossip at work, desiring for my presence just to be encouraging
-finding new ways (not yelling) when I'm losing my temper with my kids

What I'm Grateful for~
-my husband taking an active role in parenting, not sitting on the sidelines
-witnessing my children loving each other, and being friends, they take care of each other and have a special relationship (last night I found them cuddling on the couch)
-training for a 5k
-strengthening friendships
-BYOMug Fridays at work
-the best childcare in the whole wide world
-listening to my husband share his day with me, falling more in love with him every day, and seeing him feel the same way
-new beginnings

Step 1: What worked in 2013?
-Deciding to be more involved in my Community Group at church, and just showing up!
-Running believing that strong is the new skinny, and no excuses
-Being honest with my husband about my feelings and holding us to a higher standard. Setting expectations for my needs, instead of pretending I don't have any.
-Sharing out marital struggles with people who can help us and hold us accountable
-Supporting him as he applies for AP jobs.
-Seeing Christ heal relationships
-Setting aside some control, by trusting Ms. Kim to take the kids to story time.  They love it!
-Visiting husband's family in NY for a week last summer.
-Taking a beach trip with a good friend without my children!
-Making the most of my summer
-Being open to new friendships, and allowing friends to help me (like bring dinner, :) )
-Refraining from spending time with toxic people, who are negative.
-Being honest about how hard motherhood is, and how hard it is to be a working mom.
-Sticking to a schedule
-Buying a charcoal grill for the hubs, this has become a huge connection for us!  A great hobby to plan meals together.

What didn't work?
-Pretending I can fix it all. Pretending I do not need help.
-Not setting boundaries for how others love me.
-Trying to parent alone.
-Not exercising at. all.
-Eating whatever I want, when I wanted.  Drowning my emotions in food.
-Not being honest about marital struggles.  (Marriage is hard you guys!)
-Grocery shopping with my kids.
-Being lazy with cooking meals.
-Only spending time with friends around food, now I'm planning running dates, and park dates!

Step 3: Get Visual
Make a pinterest board of things that are inspirational.  Pick things that set you on fire!

so that's it for today.  Here we go #2014goalsetting

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