Sunday, January 19, 2014

Goal Setting Part 2

It's taken me awhile to find some time to dive in again. We had a week of black eyes and fevers to deter my creativity. But my goal is finishing not perfection, so just keep thinking and writing. 

For steps 1-3 go here for Part 1. And here to read from Lara Casey the whirlwind behind all this. 

Step 4: What are the three biggest lessons from your list that DID work?

       1.  SHOWING UP:  I have two kids, 3 & 2. I am a full time teacher of 18 2nd graders. I am point person for all my child care and wife and meal creator for my family. Not to mention the millions of other things that we all do every single day.  Sometimes all I got left is to show up.  Especially for evening things during the week or in the weekends when I only have alone time during nap time.  So my goal was to show up.  And every time I did, my soul was fed, my children created relationships, and I made new inspiring friends.  
       2.  HONESTY: (I know some of my friends are like WHAT the WHAT) there are million times a day, I just need a filter.  But when it matters most, with the most important people in my life, I do this thing where I keep my afflictions, my hurts, my sadness, my annoyances to myself, like I'm protecting them.  Or avoiding them. Truth works. I was honest for me.  I spoke it immediately, and it helped me keep short accounts, allowed me to voice times I needed help. And help SHOWED up! My husband, guys, this is shocking news, but he is not a mind reader.  Honesty did its thing.  
       3.  CHOICE: I'm picky about how I spend my time, who I spend it with.  I survive socially by getting time alone. I also went into a place this past year where I had to self protect. Bravery showed up, and I chose trust. Rebuilding and trust. I also reclaimed.  There were a lot of kids toys and I RECLAIMED that space (hallelujah!!). 

Step 5: What are the three biggest lessons from your list that DID not work? 
       1. FAKE: fake it till you make doesn't work in serious relationships. It just causes hatred and resentment. 
       2. LONELINESS: Parenting alone doesn't work, when there are two parents. All hands on deck!
       3. NEGATIVITY: In case you live under a rock NC teachers are not happy right now.  Testing is wild nd crazy and our uppers do not value the teaching position.  As you can imagine there is a lot of room for negativity. Complainers, winers, people who are constantly surrounded by drama... Yeah, I just can't take it. Of course I am going to feel these ways sometimes, but overall my goal is to not be the center of it, or have to listen to it all the time.  I want to encourage other women unlike high school when we were so caddy.  My turning point to seek joy was becoming a mom.  My eyes were open to  my strength, and I saw how hard we are on ourselves. We need encouragers around us.

Step 6: What fires you up?
Words of encouragement.
When my husband is proud of me.
When I see my littles learning things for the first time.
Hearing and watching my little family interact.
Decorating my home.
Coffee Dates with friends
Date night with my man.
Running with my friends and by myself
Brilliant truths being taught at church.
Knowing someone and when they know me.
New sneakers
A good book
Changing of seasons.
Diy projects
When someone gets me. 
More soon! What thoughts are you not giving up on? 
Here is some fun that Nola and I had yesterday! 

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