Friday, July 25, 2014

oh hey, Friday! - Finding Childcare

I'm linking up again with The Farmer's Wife and September Farm... I really love linking up!!  

You can click above to find out the rules... BUT pretty much you just write about 5 things... 

I KNOW! Any 5 things that you feel like...  The openness is overwhelming

And today I've been interviewing ladies that replied to the job I posted on
If you have never heard about it is an online tool that the care provider and family in need to both post jobs or resumes to be matched up!!  Basically online dating for babysitters and families!!  They have all sorts of matches that can be made, in home care, dog sitters, pet care, cleaning, I bet if you need a friend, you can post that job too.  

I have a few things that everyone should look for in a great care giver... 
Safe, reliable, fun, willing to play with kids, responsible... etc...

Then there is my personal list. The get-it-together list. Stuff that drives me batty!! 

Top 5 Things That You Should Avoid on

1. Please do not start an argument with the family you want to interview for.  If they get something wrong, just be kind, and clarify.  No need to slap them on the wrist and redirect them to your resume... rude.

2. Use proper grammar.  Please TRY not to type in your dialect!! I realize this might be hard, because we are southerners... however you don't want to sound uneducated before we have even met! 

3. Type sentences correctly: Capitalize your sentences and use punctuation. I just do not think this is too much to ask.  This is not a text message.  PS Text messaging has ruined some humans ability to type normally.  

4. Check to see how far away you are from the families home before you apply of the job! tell you the actual miles you are away from that family, so please do not cancel on the day of due to distance... 

5. Have a nice looking profile picture!  No picture at all is not good, we need to see your face!  We need to connect a name to a visual.  Also, do not take a picture of your forehead and think it looks good.  Just smile... no sexy, no serious, no pensive... just smile.  Also do not take a picture of yourself that is unreal or put one up that doesn't look like you or might not be you... be authentic 

Happy Dating :) 

I love it has been successful for my littles and I. We have found miracles there, so I do recommend using the website! 


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