Friday, July 18, 2014

oh hey, FRIDAY: Staycation


We had this genius plan to get away for a few days with friends who have a time share, and it didn't work out.  Oh well, we will make the most of it!  The hubs has the day off tomorrow, and my momma is amazing, and ready for the littles to join her tomorrow at 12 and then we will pick them up on Saturday at 10:30 am.  

hello... peeing without knocking on the door, blasting I'M SO FANCY in my car, and POSSIBLE trip to the MALL without children! WHAT the WHAT? 

5 Ideas I have for STAYCATION in Charlotte, NC 

1- Shooting Range

My hubs, T, has a second hobby after grilling.  He is an amazing bbq king, I'm very spoiled! 2nd to grilling is shooting guns... this took me awhile to get used to.  He has taken me once before, and usually goes with his guy friends.  It is fun to learn something that he really enjoys, that I have no concept about, because he has to TEACH me.  Which is very, very sexy! You know what is also great actually doing an activity together.  I love creating memories.

2- Heist Brewery

If you go here, you will love it.  Not only to they brew delicious, taste bud intriguing beverages, but they also serve amazing food.  It is a splurge, and I know if I try something new I'll probably love it! 

The vanilla stout I had last time, looked just like this. 

3- Romare Bearden Park

A new park uptown, that looks really pretty. 

4- Shopping

I don't love to shop.  I do love to shop without my children. I would enjoy looking and only hearing my thoughts if I could walk into Target, or the mall.  ahhhh...  I haven't been to H & M yet... 

5- Back to our little hometown area... 

We live about 20 minutes from Charlotte, and we like it that way. 

Lil' Robert's Place, I have never been to. It's close and looks great!  
They have live music every Friday! 

6- the secret 6th...

What if we just go crazy and get tattoos... hmmm

I would go to Fu's in Noda

A foot tattoo... anchor or birds... 

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