Saturday, July 19, 2014

What NOT to take for granted...

when life gives you lemons...

Things that give you peace of mind.

When your children are loved, and safe during the times you are not around.

Watching your littles make friends and be loved by people other than yourself.

Arriving safely after travel.

True blue friends that you can laugh and cry with.

Ability to be totally honest, about everything with a friend who doesn't judge you or gossip about you.

Successfully challenging conversations that have good endings.

Watching your life start to change before your eyes, and being reminded that you, once again, are not in control.

Being in love with the person you married.

Crying in your mom's arms and remembering that even at the age of 33,  she is the only person on the planet that knows how to say the right thing.

Music that evokes deep emotions.

When faith reminds you that your soul desire hasn't changed at all.

make lemonade.

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