Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Type & Shop

I keep checking all sorts of shopping out on the internet.  HAVE YOU EVER GONE TO A STORE WITH TWO CAVE KIDS? I mean, I'm like, WHO is raising you people?

hello online shopping.  Thank you... I love you.  Now if I had all the money in the world, or some sponsors for my needs.  I would buy these sweeties in a heart beat!

1. Fit Flops

I have one pair of these shoes in bronze.  I have had them for two years... and I feel like I'm walking on clouds.  I KNOW.  Walking around my classroom like a pet begging to be outside, even running after basketballs down a hill... these are my shoes.  I get them wet (eek!) otherwise my current shoes might have lasted even longer... They are absolutely the cutest, most comfortable, EVERY day flip flops I have had!!!  And they are supposed to keep your legs fit and balanced... well! I love to work out when I'm doing nothing... don't you? 

2. Essential Oil Diffuser

The only way I have not used my doTERRA oils yet on the regular, is in a diffuser.  I smell them which is aromatic... but I can't way to pick out a diffuser.  I am having a hard time deciding which one, SAMYO is another brand I was looking at.  Want to read about why diffusing is more than just a  great smell? READ ME

My amazingly talented friend at happy little lovelies is celebrating her 4th birthday this week... and I'm so proud of her!!! 4 years ago, she was helping me watch my baby boy, making cute stuff.  Now her shop is filled to the brim with beautiful, perfectly colorful jewels to bring happy to your lovely life.   I love the new line, and WANT the above two items PRONTO! Happy Birthday Friend!! I'm so proud of you! 

4. A Flight to NJ

No, this is not my ticket.  But I wish it was.  November will be here so soon.  I'm trying to be content with phone conversations with this lady.  She has a baby boy brewing inside, and she is a dear friend, who had to move back home to raise her baby.  I'm so glad for her, and sad for us that we stuck with phone calls for awhile.  THANKFULLY tickets to see her are not to bad, and if they have hello kitty on them, then I'll be so excited!

5. Etsy

17thAvenueDesigns has my blog... I know this it!! The coral. The teal. The gray.  I love it.  Its a pre made blogger template. Which I'm leaning to right now.  If I decide to have  my own template made, then I'll have a base on what to suggest... because I adore this.  

What kids of things have you  been checking out online lately... man it's hard when shopping is at your finger tips..  

ps, last week I did make it H&M and I can't wait to go without the hubs.  Gotta try on all sorts of perfection! 

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