Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Mommy Amen.

If my blog consisted of I'm so tired.  You'd believe me.

Who wants to read that nonsense...

Sometimes there are no silver linings. Life is more than just a juggling act.  It's a traffic jam with no direction.  A zoo, and all the animals are out of the cages, staring at you.  LIFE is just playing catch up every day.  If you deal with boogers, diarrhea, dishes, floors, toilets, diapers, bottles, boobs and half nakedness, bath time, Frozen, spilled Happy Meals, broken hearts, 16 year olds stuck in toddlers bodies, adult tv as soon as kids go to bed, and better yet YOU FALL RIGHT ASLEEP as soon as they do. AND ALL YOUR WORK responsibilities...

You are probably a working mom... 

I just wanted to promise you that there are always the worst days.  But the days will get better. You will make dear friends over beer, boots and the tiny minutes in between wiping bottoms.  You'll laugh and remember that laughter all night long.  Friendships with women are priceless.  Your husband will love you, but that man has no idea all the complicity that is going on inside your head.  When you finally say every mommy truth ALOUD and the mommy near you says AMEN. You'll have such as sense of affirmation.  You needed that, you really did. 

A Mommy Amen.  Welcome to the tribe.

There it is.  There you go.  Get the next day, and beat it down.  Win it, show it who's boss.  Like Nola says...."I'll win you!"

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