Friday, June 25, 2010

The Mommy in Me

There are a lot of things that I have done since becoming a mom that I think are wonderful and want to share with you! I am not by any means an expert on anything, just a girl who loves being a mom and wants the best and cheapest solutions :) Money is tight, and my goal is to be a stay at home mom, so with that goal in mind these are some things that I have done, or do not regret spending money on for my little man.

baby decor

  • choose a brilliant paint color that you and your little one will love, this will be the center of your decor. make sure that you love it, you will be spending A LOT of time in there!
  • find your wall decorations on, I got a lot of decals that were timeless, at least until he out grows toddler stages. ABCs, Owls...ect nothing to young, and always gender neutral. Just in case I want to use the same nursery for baby number 2, which is far far away. don't get any crazy numptions.
  • splurge on your other decor center... babybedding.... or at least find something you like. there are a lot of ideas out there, that are really colorful and unique. I think Target's choices are much better than Babies R Us. If only they had them for adults. can you imagine sleeping with a bumper... might be cozy
  • borrow or take the left overs, I loved getting our glider w/ gliding ottoman from my sister. I helped her out by getting it out of her house, and she saved me $100 at least! I use that glider every day at least 4 times a day. The first month I spend alot of sleepless nights rocking baby boy back to sleep.
  • don't make big changes, if you already have a paint color up that you love, just design around it. this is what I did for the Nate's bathroom. Saved myself time and labor, bathrooms are soooooo annoying to paint.
  • frames with cute scrap book paper... I made my own picture wall by framing cute colorful designs and later adding pictures of Nate. I spend 3$ each on 8x10 frames. I only needed 4, and can always add more later. Also you can reuse old frames that you aren't using anymore. And when you buy frames make sure that they are easy to use in other rooms or with other colors.

baby stuff

  • graco travel system. awkward to carry but wonderful overall. just stick the car seat in the car, or in the stroller and be on your way- all without waking your little bundle! again, get a cute neutral design and use for baby number 2!
  • baby bath tub. i was so NOT washing my baby in the sink where I also prepare meals that require raw meat... gross get a cheapo one that has a newborn hammock in it. Its great for the little ones, and its only $20. The water stays warmer because its smaller, and you can sit on the side of the tub to scrub the little one clean.
  • hybrid diapers. cloth but not the old school cloth. I use FLIPS, and they are wonderful. hybrid diapers have washable covers, and cloth inserts that you put into the cover. so simple. even. a. man. can. do. it. They are more expensive up front, but you can register for them, and then they are a gift so its really a great save on money! Also, you can trade diapers in or get them fixed if they break... just check it out! Right now we're using cloth wipes also... I'll let you know how they work out. We haven't had any diaper rash, which is a good sign.
  • clothing. shop the sales, clearance. go to places like sears... where they have friends and family nights every month! you get an extra 20% off of clothes that are always reduced to 3$ and they are name brands like carters...
  • creepers. invest in these cute outfits. I like them better than onesies, they look more like clothes, but they are still one piece. They also fit better!
  • towels. this one not that one. make sure that you register for the THICK baby towels that have cute duck head or elephant head or something, they really absorb water. the little thin towels, don't absorb the water, and I always have to use 2 of them.
  • mobiles... why in the world are these things soooo expensive? we don't have one yet, but who needs all the bells and whistles... my baby is sleeping when he is in his crib... except in the morning when he wakes up before me! but if we get one, this is the one that I love. A friend of mine has it and its soooo cute. Its is basically a card holder, but they have millions of black and white animal cards that you can hang on it. Its made by wee and they have adorable, reasonably priced stuff!

breastfeeding.......ok, yes booby time. yes they will hurt. yes you will touch your boobs more than you ever though you would. yes for a while they will become a means to an end. now, my nipples never bled, although I did have bruises. take care of yourself, and breastfeed however you feel comfortable. don't feel like you have to sit in front of a group and nurse. Ask when you get there if there is a room you can go in whenever you need to nurse. Then you won't have to explain every time you need to excuse yourself. You might only do this for a little while until you don't want to miss conversation and your friends don't feel uncomfortable with you nursing in public. I ask my friends before I start if they are okay with it, and one of them said... fussy baby... or nursing?!?! hello!!! Great point! But when I felt uncomfortable I would go to the bathroom or to my car. Eventually, you'll be a smooth operator with the nursing cover (hooter hider) and feel comfortable using it in public. Please don't give up! Breastfeeding is not easy, and if you have the mindset before your newborn arrives that you want to nurse, then be stubborn about it. Through all the pain and difficulty. Also surround yourself with people who will support your breastfeeding. Don't go out into public if you aren't ready, take your time. When you do go into public, go with your supporters. I can't even tell you how thankful I am for the phone calls and texts from my mom... how's nate today? hows the nursing going? you are doing a great job! I'm so proud of you!!!! All of these made my day! And gave me strength to persevere through my sleepless nights. Then one day you will realize that you and baby are breastfeeding champions! It will sneak up on you, so don't give up! If you try your hardest and it doesn't work, just be proud that you tried, live this life with no regrets!

  • medela pumps are worth the money! all of the breast pump parts are interchangeable no matter what (double or single) pump you have. medela's breast pads are also the best, and so is their lanolin breast more money but worth it! I bought a cheaper pump and used it in the beginning, but a friend of mine was selling her single medela, and so I bought it from her. HUGE difference!!!
  • nursing bras...I would buy the sports bra types if you go shopping before your baby born. And get fitted for the underwire types afterwards. My underwire is too big now, and they are expensive. But its worth the investment. this one is one of my favorites. and these look awesome.
  • sports bras as nursing bras... the soft and fun champion sports bras are the kind that I have. I decided to use them one day when I had been spit up on one too many times... oh yes, down the shirt. These sports bras have been great for holding a nursing pad in place and giving just the right support to sensitive breast.
  • hooter hiders... are great and fun! get a fun fabric or something that isn't very noticeable. see if you can find a friend to make one for you... I did... she really needs to sell them online. Check, and even target has a simple black one that is cute! no need to spend a lot of money one, just make sure it has the bar in it so you can see your baby's face while he or she is nursing!

I'll keep thinking and add more later. Hopefully this is helpful!

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