Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fall is for...

I go through my week and I think of all these good ideas for a blog. I finally time to sit down and write and.... ___________________________ blank. Nothing comes to mind!  Go figure, when my mind can think about nothing, it really does.

Simply thinking about what to write: it's autumn.  It's beautiful. I love autumn, the smells of fires and leaves changing to vibrant colors. Fresh, crisp air. Of course the turning of the chilly weather will bring the holidays. I've been working on trying not to be so angst about the holidays this year. Having kids you would think that it would be so much fun! But- for me... it can be very stressful. More cooking for me, and I'm still working. We don't get that big of a break for the holiday season this year. Travelling (if we decide to travel, which I do not enjoy, and didn't enjoy before kids either) is stressful with the kids, by the time I feel I have packed everything and then suffered in a vehicle driving to my destination, spend time with family, let's be honest- that all by itself can be stressful! When all of that is said and done, its time to pile back in the car and come home!!! I like to be home a few days early before I head back to work. I really don't like to share my kids during the holidays, so I'm selfish and have to work through that. 

Autumn is my favorite time of year, and since we have Veteran's day off my goal is to go on a day trip to the NC mountains! I'm so excited!

Fall is for cinnamon spiced coffee morning and afternoon
red, orange and yellow leaves
crisp cool breezes
beautiful blue morning skies
mountain air
laughing bundled up kiddos
hats, scarves and boots
jean days
soup with crackers and peanut butter
fire pit and smores at night after the kids have gone to bed
my husbands funny heated blanket
candles lit
squash and veggies from the farmers market
being thankful for the little things and the big things
showing gratitude to friends and family

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