Saturday, September 22, 2012

List of Thankfulness-Whatevs

1.  This week I am thankful for the weather.  I adore cold mornings, with yummy coffee on the road, now if would just stay cold all day!

2.  Nate called a sweet friend of mine, and I quickly hung it up hoping not to bother her.  She heard 1/2 of a ring and called me back.  We got 10 minutes of chat time while she was  driving to see her grand kids.  I was blessed with a joyful conversation.  I want to be a mom like her some day... she can quote millions of bible verses and then Beavis and Butthead in efforts to laugh and connect to her son.  :) love that!

3.  My husband reminding me to get the oil changed in my car.

4. Target Optical!  203$ years worth of contacts and new lenses for my glasses... Flex Card + Target Gift Card and no money out of my bank account... so awesome! And they gave me 30% off plus a 15$ gift card back...

5. Nola this past two months has finally started calling me mommy!  It is precious!

6.  I got a great shot of Nate, Nola & I.  I'll post it soon.  Terrance was working... bummer he wasn't in it!

7.  I received a yellow scarf for my birthday, and it is glowing! I love it! 

8.  I really love my Bobs, I can't wait to wear them more often.  I want more colors too... they are very very comfortable! ( I know, I'm a trader)

9.  Thankful for a great nanny who loves my kids when I am not here.  Sometimes I walk in when she is upstairs and kiddos are getting up from naps.  I listen as she chats with them on the monitor... she is so silly with them.  Any person who leaves at the end of the day and still says ,"that's adorable" is a great catch!

10.  The dollar store next to Target.  We always get $1.00 balloons before we go inside Target.  Helps keeps the littles entertained!

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Marissia Grippe said...

I love reading your blog!!! Love you <3 and the scarf