Friday, September 7, 2012

Dear Stay at Home Mom,

I just want to tell you,

Your job is not easy. No matter how many kids you are staying home with.  Taking care of babies and toddlers all day long is tiresome, challenging, and exhausting.  You were meant to do it.  I encourage you not to take your time with your littles for granted.

I miss silly morning time. My kids are so happy in the mornings. They are excited to see us, and ready for breakfast. 

I miss learning time, lunch time, nap time.  Seeing them learn new things, hearing them say new words.  I miss the boo boos, and the dirty diapers, the baby wrestling.  I am the late shift. I come in for the afternoons and nights, which can be the hardest parts of the day.  I come home to cook dinner, feed the masses, clean the floors, sinks, wash the diapers, baths and bed time. 

You are blessed to have this time, it is a gift.  Even though it is incredibly challenging, you are the one that gets to clean the scrapes and wipe the noses. The one who gets to hear the laughter.

I am learning to be a working mom, but when I am home I try not to take if for granted.  For those of you at home all day long, keep trudging, keep organizing, keep loving.  As long as your arms are open, you are being effective.  You're envied (by me) even on your darkest days.  I'm proud of you.

Working Mom


Lib said...

Dear Court (aka Working Mom)--

I am in awe of what you do. I recently was talking to Chris about the possibility of me returning to work part-time as a nurse. Not right now, but sometime next year or so. The more I talked it through with him--the childcare, the schedules of three children, etc--the more I got stressed out. Going to work can sound appealing to a stay at home mom, but then I realized that my time at work wouldn't be a "break"--it would just be more work--and it would be less time for me. And then, all the other stuff around the house would still need to be done.

I raise my hat to all working moms. I have days when I want to pull my hair out at home, but after many years of being restless and wondering if I should go back to work, I've reached a place of contentment and gratitude that I'm home.

I am proud of you Court. I know you must be exhausted and rarely get a break. I hope the Lord showers you will unexpected respites as long as you have to maintain this schedule. Hope you have a restful weekend.

Kristin said...

I think what YOU do is absolutely amazing! You're job seems so much more difficult. You are an awesome mommy!! :)