Monday, June 30, 2014

Slightly Nerdy... hello monday

It's time, the count down until I'm stuck on the road in a car for at least 12 hours as begun.  I am still calm, and praying that I get everything I need, and do not forget to pack anything important.  However, I always remind myself I can go buy it if I have to when I'm there.  I know people who have purchased pack n' plays when they reach their destination and return them before they come home...

Let's say hello to a week of travel,

hello NY- Now that we have kids this trip is much more fun for me!  I love T's family.  We hit all the cookouts and see as many friends as possible.  They have a great yard that the kids can play in, and now that the littles are getting older its exciting to take them to see cool things around Lake Ontario.  T's part of Upstate NY is called Sodus.  Which is surrounded by the lake.  It's beautiful.  I'll map quest myself to skip stones with Nate and Nola has much as possible! NY's July weather is amazing!  There are days that may be hotter, but my first trip there I made T take me to the store to find a sweatshirt. The nights can be chilly, the days warm, and not a lot of humidity.  It is funny when his grandpa tells me its humid... I'm like--- you gotta come visit us for humid!!

hello ice coffee-  this is not a new hello for me.  I say hello to not putting my vanilla creamer in my coffee--- listen I know some of you out there never drink your coffee with cream already.  I was thinking of ways to watch my calories and creamer has a lot of calories in it... so the days I really feel like some creamer I drink it.  But some days I can drink it without.  Its tasty either way.

hello - Orange is the New Black... not around kids... tho
Um, this is a show on Netflix, and it is captivating.  T and I started watching it together this summer for the first time.  How he keeps falling asleep on it I do not know!!

hello - Switched at Birth... safe for kids to be in the room
ABC Family... I love this show.  I love the characters are deaf and hearing, there is also an element of a blended family, and teenage angst, the newest season is on Netflix now!!!

hello - doTERRA oils, and I'm turning into a crazy hippy lady...
I love them.  I got my first kit, and then sicknesses hit us, and my oils worked!!! (We didn't have to visit the pediatrician for pink eye, that is amazing to me)  I'm going to write more later about this, but its so interesting!! I'm so glad I can use these on my kids safely and not be concerned about over the counter meds and antibiotics that they might have to take for smaller things that we all rush to the drs for.

initial thoughts about oils
~I wish I knew about them when my kids were infants. Seriously, for postpartum and when they were babies.
~I'm excited about the millions of ways to use them in our lives that I haven't used them for yet.
~I haven't heard anyone say they didn't work yet, or a failure story.
~If you try just one oil first, I suggest Lavender or Peppermint.
~I use them in my home, for my children, for myself, in my classroom, and hopefully T will join us soon!
~I'm happy to help you if you are as curious as I was...

more about that later... :)

hello - N & N spent the night with my parents.  Those 4 people are super cute together.  It was wonderful to have some time alone, to go to the grocery store alone, to aimlessly walk through Target looking like I need help, I forgot how to drive in my car and not be FORCED to listen to Frozen for the 10,000,000,000,000,000 time.  Those zeros can just keep going.

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