Sunday, November 2, 2014

Heart-EE Eyes

It feels like eternity since I've really sat here and written.  I get to a point where I can't even process my own life in order to write anything down.  So, thankfully its only been a month.  Obviously I'm back at work, since I'm not writing weekly...  but goodness I miss it.  I promise I'm going to try to get some thoughts written out more regularly.  I have had some time to write, but I have been speechless.  Wordless.  Just a blank slate. 

Right now, Nate has a tummy ache and can't eat, Nola has a cold and the hubs is working from home.  Our lives are looking really differently right now.  This time of transition has been an amazing answer to prayer for us.  Team Crawford feels strong and I love it!

What has happened?  My husband, a wonderful teacher of 13 years, resigned.  Very brave thing to do.  He is currently working as a financial advisor, and is in the training process right now.  He also has been spending so much time with the kids, its a glorious thing!  They are in love! Just like that emoji with the hearty eyes... :) precious for this momma to watch. I'm so proud of my husband, just beaming.  He's studying ridiculously hard, doing something crazy new to him.  He's hanging with the kids and still working at Sears.  He is also so supportive to me in my own transition, I'm really impressed with him.  Sure is fun to change together and look to each other for answers and support. Hope is the anchor for the soul... and Jesus is hope.  My husband is a beautiful anchor for our Crawford party of four.

I have teetered between making big family decisions and guilt this month.  I was offered a teaching job at Nate and Nola's future school for a principal that comes highly recommended.  Teachers love this guy... :) I started much sooner than anticipated and the stress was overwhelming.  I'm trusting the Lord big time... the money we get to save with my 5 minute commute is to die for, and working in my own community is exciting.  I'm also thrilled to look forward to Nate's first year at school (next year).  I feel like I'm preparing myself for that transition just like any teacher-mom would. 

I have still been teaching essential oils classes, and this month was very successful.  Its a blessing to talk about oils and share them with others.  I have no idea how I've kept up with all this... some of my life has fallen by the wayside.  So, I'm focusing on getting some normal routine this week.  Normal as it comes with sick babies right now.

Friends, all this has happened right before the holidays.  Thankful for that! I typically dread all the holiday stuff, but I promise to try and be excited about the traditions coming our way.  Holidays through my littles eyes are so much more joyful!

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Shyla said...

I'm rooting for you all - GO TEAM CRAWFORD!!!